Tuesday, January 22, 2013

YOUR Attention

YOUR Attention

She came to u asking ur attention,
U said u were busy...
She called u in the middle of the
U said u wanna sleep...
She fought with u for no reason just
to spend ,

some time talking to the one she
needs the most,
U say she is Impossible...!
YES Shes bad..demanding.
... Possessive...Jealous...Weak.

Emotional...Yes she throws a lot of
tantrums right?
But, Remember..
Once upon a time when u were alone,

U looked at the moon and said,
"I'll give everything for SOMEONE
who disturbs me all the time,
I'll never LEAVE her alone, I'll never
let her CRY.."

U broke her Heart n the strange
part is...She still Loves U... ♥ ♥ ♥
"Don't Lose A Diamond While You
Are Too Busy Collecting the
Stones..." ♥ ♥

She is not Too Good for U...She is
Just the ONE for U ... ♥ ♥

Saturday, January 5, 2013

I Miss Everything

"I Miss Everything"

I miss everything.
I'm just staring at my phone. I don't
get any
calls or texts from you anymore, and it
hurts. I
miss those days when you'd spam me
random cute, corny, and sweet
messages that
would make me smile or cheer me up. I
those days when you would surprise
me with
"good morning"
and "good night" texts. I miss those
conversations we'd have starting from
morning until late at night. I miss our
conversations and talks we once had.
It went
from everything to nothing.
Everything we once
had, went down the drain. I'm just
when I ever get another call or text
from you
again, but I know that it won't happen


Friday, July 20, 2012

"Luv is always sweet"

"Luv is always sweet"

“ Boy & Girl were playing Hide & Seek..

While playing, 
Girl sends Boy a messaging- "If u find me, u can hug me! If u cant, i'll keep hiding in the Shed, !!!"

Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Answers The Phone"

Girl: We're best friend,right?
Boy:Yes,of course
Girl: So be honest with me,who do you like?
Boy: No one.I love someone.

Girl: Oh,she must be very lucky
Boy:Definitely. I've loved her,
ever since I met her
Girl:Really?Wel l,since we're best friends,
I wanna meet her.Go call her.

Boy: Oh okay.&Boy takes out his phone,
dials her number and phones her.
Girl: Wait, hold on I think I'm getting a call
*Answers the phone.

Boy: I love you♥

Friday, April 27, 2012

Hey Stupid!

There was a girl and a boy, girl proposed 
The boy and boy agreed...

girl always used to say that my
heart is not mine its always with

 I am living without heart....

after few month girl said that i

cant marry you
becoz my parents are not allow
me but
we'll be frnds 4evr.

after few months girl got married
another boy..
after 2 days of her wedding,girl
looking her wedding gifts.
she came across a gft & start

the gft was d heart packed in a
glass jar with full of blood...
the lid of the jar was attached
with the paper
written on it..

''hey stupid ur heart is with me na
than what will u give to ur
husband? :(

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