Saturday, March 24, 2012

"Love After Breakup"

Girl : Your New Girlfriend is Pretty (Girl Thinks in Mind, Is she Really Pretty than Me ???)

Boy : Ya She is !! (Boy Thinks in mind, But you are still the most Beautiful Girl i ever know)

Girl : I Heard that she is Funny & Amazing (All the Stuff that i wasn't)

Boy : Sure She is (But she is nothing compared to you)

Girl : Well I Hope, You both last (We never did)

Boy : I Hope you do too ,,,(What Happened to You & Me???)

Girl : Well, I gotta go (Before i start Cry)

Boy : Ya me too (I Hope you don't Cry)

Girl : Bye (I Still Love you & Miss you)

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Friday, March 23, 2012

"I'll Be With You Forever"

A BF gave a challenge to his GF to
live a day w/o him.
no communications at all and
said if she passed it,
he'll love her forever..

The GF agreed,
she didnt text or call him the
whole day,
w/o knowing that his BF has
only 24hrs has live
because he's suffering from
she excitedly went to her BF's
house the next day,
tears fall as she saw his BF lying on
the coffin

with a note on the side..
"You did it baby, can you do it

everyday? "I LOVE YOU FOREVER"

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Anything For You

There was a girl named Victoria and a boy named Andrew.
Every day she would look at him at lunch and day dream until lunch was over.

Every day she would hope that he liked her and Victoria was very brave.

So one day she walked up to him and said "do you like me" he said not even close.

She said "do you think I'm pretty" he said not in a million years. Victoria was so upset she ran away but Andrew was too quick.

He grabbed her arm and said you are so pretty you can never get prettier but I think you can find a way and I love you so much that I would do anything for you.

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Boy: I saw her today...
Girl: I saw him today...

Boy: It seems like it’s been forever.
Girl: I wonder if he still cares...

Boy: She looks better than before...
Girl: I couldn’t help but stare.

Boy: I asked her how she was.
Girl: I asked him about his new girlfriend.

Boy: I’d choose her over any girl.
Girl: He’s probably happy now.

Boy: I couldn’t look at her without thinking I would cry.
Girl: He couldn’t even look at me...

Boy: I told her I missed her...
Girl: He told me he missed me...

Boy: I meant it...
Girl: He didn’t mean it...

Boy: I love her.
Girl: He loves her...

Boy: I held her
Girl: He gave me a friendly hug...

Boy: Then I went home and cried...
Girl: Then I went home and cried...

Boy: I lost her
Girl: I lost him

Boy: *Sigh*
Girl: *Sigh*

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